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My 10 Commandments for Singing in a Choir

OPENING DISCLAIMER:  I am NOT a social media person.  I’m not on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or anything else that means I have to take time out of my already overly full but fulfilling life to share things that are no one else’s business but mine.  Because of my profession, I tend to be more in the public spotlight and therefore, I choose to keep my private life just that…private.  End of opening rant!  I’m sure this will really inspire you to read these blog posts!!  If you do choose to read my blog, I can’t promise this will be my first and only rant…about anything!  Joanie says I’m becoming more and more less tolerant (I think that’s awkward wording…) with various matters, so I will try not to offend anyone.  I’m going to try to make this fun for me and you as well.  So here goes….
I have to admit this idea came from Ronni O’Toole (soprano 1).  She shared the Kesling Commandments.
However, I’d like to approach my “commandments” from a positive perspective.  Thou shalt NOT, shall be replaced with Thou Shalt.
I.  Thou shalt come to rehearsals on time…unless there’s a work or family related issue.  Promptness is next to Godliness.
II.  Thou shalt participate in rehearsals exemplifying the Three E’s:  eagerly, enthusiastically, and energetically.  Yes, even at the end of a long day at the office!!
III.  Thou shalt come prepared to rehearsals by having read the rehearsal bulletin BEFORE coming to rehearsal.
IV.  Thou shalt be a positive influence on others.  Debby Downers should stay home.
V.  Thou shalt take care of one’s instrument.  One cannot purchase a new voice like one can purchase a new piano.  Taking care of one’s voice means taking care of you.  Eat right, exercise, pray, and get out there!!
VI.  Thou shalt sing in tune!
VII.  Thou shalt understand that as we do not speak in a monotone, we can’t sing in one either.  Syllabic stress is vital to beautiful singing.
VIII.  Thou shalt be thankful for the talents you’ve been given and use them accordingly.
IX.  Thou shalt be grateful for the many volunteers in LACS who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make your choral experience top notch.
X.  Thou shalt remember your responsibilities that come with LACS membership and rejoice in the fact that you have the opportunity to sing in a choir such as ours.

Comments (13)

  1. Reply Terri Trupiano Barry

    For a non-blogger, non-social media person, I’d say this is a good first blog. If it were on Facebook, I’m sure it would get re-posted by all my choir director friends. Just one point, the 4th Commandment should probably say no Debby OR DANNY Downers! LOL (Facebook language for laughing out loud), but not so loud as to damage my voice!

    1. Reply Bob

      I don’t know of any DANNY Downers in the choir…I do know some DEBBYs though….!!!! Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

  2. Reply Elnora Wallin

    Regarding Commandment II; sometimes you have to “fake it until you make it” but I find myself greatly recharged by the end of a rehearsal…. Love to sing!! Makes me happy!!

    1. Reply Bob

      Elnora, you have “recharged” me!! Thanks!

  3. Reply Diane Haskin

    Kudos on your first blog, Bob, you make 10 very good points and I will try very diligently to adhere to them. Item VI might be a stretch for me at times, but I have some wonderful 2nd sopranos that can help with that. I agree with Elnora Wallin, by the end of the rehearsal I have been totally recharged. It’s great to sing with so many talented folks that I call my LACS family.

    1. Reply Bob

      Thanks for your encouraging words, Diane!!

  4. Reply Greg Haskin

    You forgot one, Bob. Thou shalt always have a #2 pencil on thee at all times.

    1. Reply Bob Oster

      Thanks, Greg. You’re right. I would add your addendum to Commandment III – perhaps IIIA!

  5. Reply Elaine Caswell

    nice blog, Bob. My life would be empty without song in it. Thanks for all your hard work making that possible.

  6. Reply Kathy Goodykoontz

    Can’t make rehearsals but have worn my CD’s out singing along from New York. Miss singing!

  7. Reply Shelia Huis

    Great blog! Would you mind if I share this with my choir?

    1. Reply Bob

      Hi Shelia – I would be honored for you to share it! Thanks!

  8. Reply Mary Hokanson

    I just read the blog, sorry I’m a little slow. Agree with Greg – Need to add the pencil. lol

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